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    Welcome to Yesbook.Scot (please read) 2
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    Hello and welcome to Yesbook.Scot.
    this website is an independent discussion platform for use by the Scottish independence community. It isn’t part of Facebook or any other large company or corporation, and it is not funded by any concerns, simply by one private individual. There is no advertising on the site either.

    If you would like to help admin the site, or even make a small donation towards costs (large donations will not be needed), then please contact me using the contact form. In particular if you are knowledgeable about bpress webdev, or if you believe you are able to help make this site more accessible for mobile phones, then do give me a shot, but also as the site grows, i will be looking for a small group of moderators to help monitor content, too.

    You should find it fairly easy to login here, either using your existing facebook/twitter login, or if you want to keep this site separate, you can register in the normal way. If you have any problems with that, please contact me using the contact form, remembering that i am doing this in my spare time and while i am keen to assist, it may not be immediate.

    This website has a few benefits, it is 100% OFF of facebook, so it is free from censorship and algorithm bias, and also it can be used by people who have been banned from facebook, either from specific groups, or from facebook completely. It is also easy to share pages from here onto facebook so if you have been banned from somewhere on facebook, post your content here and then get someone else to share it onto facebook for you.

    This site can also be used as a dedicated discussion forum for the Yes community. At present it consists of a few publicly viewable discussion forums, however this can be expanded and extended at need, i believe.

    There is one drawback, however, and that is that people don’t tend to return to a social discussion website very often if it isn’t facebook or twitter. For this site to be a success, it needs to be well known acros as wide a cross section of the Yes community as possible, and that requires a certain amount of commitment from the user base. This means sharing content from this site (content you have posted here yourself, perhaps), and promoting this site on those traditional social websites.

    Once you get used to the interface, this website can be used much the same as a normal facebook group, with people starting discussion threads (topics), and commenting on them in real time, and sharing them as i mentioned above onto bigger social media platforms.

    the site should work okay on mobile phones, but i think it will be easier on a full size computer. Your mileage may vary. If you are using a mobile device, and you want to use the “social ID login” option, then you may need to scrool right down to the bottom of the screen to find the relevant login section. I hope that’s not too much of an inconvenience for now.

    I’m sure not everything on the site will work perfectly, though i have tried to test it as best i can, and if you have any problems at all, please do report them to me and i will try to fix them, and as i say, if you want to help out, especially if you have some experience with bbpress and buddypress, then do get in touch.

    Thanks and i hope you can get some use from the site.

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    Welcome to Yesbook.Scot (please read) 2
    Yesbook Admin

    While we are here, just so you know, my name is Calum Carlyle. I will be using this site under my own name for the most part, or at least that is the plan, and hopefully i will only need to put on my “Yesbook Admin” hat to sort something out on the site. My status as site admin IN NO WAY is intended to confer any special status on me at all. My opinion is worth the same as anybody else’s and i don’t expect anybody to treat me any other way than all site users would be epected to treat each other, which is with a degree of consideration and respect, and that is something i hope we can all agree to extend to each other.


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