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    The debate about independence for Scotland has reached a very interesting place – the middle ground.  All my formative life I have held the belief that we could, can and should be an independent nation.  No amount of anyone arguing the opposite would persuade me otherwise.  It has been grown from understanding history, lived experience and aspiration for the next generation in a global context.  This belief informs who I am and my idea of what our nation represents – democratic, egalitarian, and just – determines my own behaviour.  So, I cannot criticise a died in the wool unionist, a Scot, regardless of origin, who believes that being part of United Kingdom is the only way to be and that what UK represents reflects them.

    The result of the next indyref will not be determined by these extremities. However, it may be important to understand how individuals arrive at their belief – one way or the other – to ensure respectful dialogue and ability to disagree without being disagreeable is achieved.  Those inbetweeners will, I am sure, appreciate a more mature approach to debate.

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    Calum Carlyle

    It’s my belief that the next wave of No to Yes converts will be those who think of their own wallets first. And hopefully the existing Yes movement, which i think is mainly made up of those who are primarily idealists even if many of us do believe in an independent Scotland that would have a strong economy, will be able to put themselves in the position of these me-first types and tell them what they, personally, stand to gain in an independent Scotland compared with staying in Brexit Britain.


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