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    Discussing Scottish Independence with my English Colleague 2
    Stephen Taylor

    Just had an interesting conversation with one of my English colleagues at work.  He is ex forces and lives in Scotland.  I am currently onboard a Drilling Unit off the coast of Ghana.  He started the conversation with the intent of winding me up.

    Don’t get me wrong, I get on with this person quite well but there is always a bit of banter going on.

    It started when I asked him if he was looking forward to Brexit.  He said not particularly and asked if I wanted Scotland to stay in Europe.  I told him that I did not care one way or the other as long as Scotland got its independence.  That’s when things warmed up!

    He told me it would never happen.  I told him, wait and see, with a knowing grin.  He started with the usual that Scotland is too much of a small insignificant country so I asked him if he meant, like Denmark or Iceland?  I pointed out the vast wealth Scotland has with it’s natural resources and there was also the oil and gas.  That Scotland’s population is only one tenth of England and when we are no longer being robbed, we will manage just fine!

    He quickly retorted that the hydrocarbons were running out to which I agreed…… in about 40 years time!

    That’s when he blurted out, “ I fought in the war (one of the recent middle east wars) for Queen and Country”!  I asked, “What country was that?” to which he replied, “Britain”.  I explained to him that Britain is not a country, it is a geographical description of a land mass with some smaller islands included in the group.

    He then said, “Well, the United Kingdom”.  Again, I told him that is not a country either, the clue is in the name, United Kingdom meaning more than one Kingdom, united with each other.

    At this point, my other colleague who is from Poland, asked him what war he was referring to and if he was about to spew the absolute nonsense that England single handedly defeated Nazi Germany!

    I had to laugh as my English colleague’s face looked like thunder and he was left speechless.

    Things are definitely looking brighter!

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    Discussing Scottish Independence with my English Colleague 3
    Calum Carlyle

    I’m sure discussions like that are going on across the whole of Scotland, and Britain and beyond, just now. What i would like to see though is these folk start to actually question themselves. Maybe he might realise that he can still have queen/king and country in an independent Scotland (until the referendum on becoming a republic, of course!) and maybe he will begin to realise as well that being English is no reason at all to oppose Scottish independence, once every reason he can come up with has been demolished, he could just change his mind! There’s no shame in that, after all!


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