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    Calum Carlyle

    From Paul Kavanagh, feel free to share:
    The SNP’s Joanna Cherry was told by a pro-Brexit protester that she was a traitor and that she should go back to her own country. I’m quite sure that Joanna would be more than happy to return to Scotland, however the issue here is that until Scotland achieves independence, Westminster rule, Brexit, and a government headed by whatever careerist climbs to the top of the Tory greasy pole, will only follow her, bringing all the myriad problems and neuroses of the British state with them to visit upon Scotland too.

    The government is close to collapse. The sclerotic British political system is deadlocked and in crisis, and there’s no clear route out of a mess that’s been created because the features of the British state which were once seen as the strengths of British democracy have now turned into its greatest weaknesses. A first past the post electoral system no longer produces strong governments, it produces weak governments who presume to absolute power on the basis of a minority of votes. The unwritten constitution is no longer a source of flexibility, but rather an excuse for a mendacious government to make up rules to suit itself. The two party system has become a recipe for majoritarianism where each of the two major parties is more interested in gaining its own turn at absolute power than it is in seeking to build consensus, and short term party interest becomes the only important political consideration. And Scotland is a powerless victim of the malignancies of English nationalism.

    All this is happening, and yet the Conservative party’s leadership is far more concerned with an impending leadership contest as the only way of keeping their fractious and inept party of inadequates together. The challengers for the Conservative leadership, and it’s a very long and tedious list, are without exception a feeble bunch of lying, duplicitous chancers. And those are their good qualities. You’ll find more intellectual heft and human kindness in the stale crumbs left at the bottom of a family sized bucket of chicken from KFC the afternoon after the party the night before.

    Not one of them has an answer to the many difficulties and issues facing the British state. They don’t want answers to those questions, because it’s only due to the weaknesses of the British state that they have the opportunity of taking the leadership and wielding the absolute power of their predecessor. So we have a series of mediocrities as Prime Minister, each one vying for the title of Worst Prime Minister Ever. It’s not a bug that British rule produces the leadership of the mediocre. It’s a feature.

    Take, as an example, the freestyle musings of minor Conservative minister, Jake Berry. No, I’ve no idea either, but apparently he’s the Minister for the Northern Powerhouse. Which is a real government thing which doesn’t actually refer to a rickety nuclear power station in Cumbria. Anyway, Jake thinks that the way to unite the whole of the UK after the traumas of the Brexit that’s not happened yet is to commission a new royal yacht which he’d like to call the Brexitannia. Which would be the first time that a ship has ever hit an iceberg and gone to the bottom of the ocean before it’s even got off the drawing board.

    Let’s make sure that we get something clear though, before the Tories start their leadership contest, and try to change the narrative to something more beneficial to themselves. Brexit is their fault. Useless and ideologically hidebound as Jeremy Corbyn is, swithering and equivocating as he is, as mediocre as any Tory leadership candidate as he is, being as useful as a defence against Brexit as a shred of wet toilet paper protects you from a rainstorm as he is, Brexit is not his fault.

    Brexit is not the fault of the Lib Dems, even though their desire for a second referendum on the EU issue but their refusal to countenance one for Scotland is as hypocritical as anything you’ll find in the Conservative cabinet.

    Brexit is not the fault of the SNP, who have consistently argued against Brexit from the start, and who have proposed policies to mitigate Brexit’s effects which have been ignored by Westminster. This is not the fault of the Greens. It is not the fault of Plaid Cymru. This is most certainly not the fault of the EU, who have been clear about what they will and will not accept from the very beginning.

    This mess is the fault of the Conservative party which panders to the Brexcrementalists of Ukip, and it’s particularly the fault of those who hold prominent positions within that Conservative party. They own this shitshow, and no one else. They’ve trashed the UK, they’ve trashed their so-called precious union, and they’ll go on to trash our lives, livelihoods, jobs, and prospects in pursuit of the mythical exceptionalism of the vainglorious English nationalism that wraps itself in a union fleg and calls itself British.

    So when you’ve lost your job and your home thanks to the chaos of the Conservatives’ Brexit, and you’re sleeping in a rolled up bit of mouldy carpet next to a burnt out branch of Lidl that was thoroughly looted in the Brextastrophe, you can still rest easy and bask in the warmth of the knowledge that the Tories managed to maintain party cohesion. Thank the gods that they are putting our interests first, eh. Luckily Jacob Rees Mogg’s company had the foresight to buy up all the stock market futures in mouldy bits of carpet and those used cardboard cups from Costas that you need for effective begging.

    It’s only going to get worse. Whoever takes over as Conservative leader from Theresa May will only do so by appealing to a Conservative party membership that has been heavily infiltrated by former Ukip members. That’s who will lead the next stage of negotiations with the EU, and they’ll pursue the neo-conservative wet dream of a privatised state. There is a very real prospect of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. And who is his sole supporter amongst Scottish Tory MPs? Who is the sole Scottish Conservative that he can trust? Who is the most likely candidate for Scottish Secretary of State in a Boris Johnson government? That would be Ross Thomson. And you thought things were bad now.

    Britain is broken. It’s been broken by its own establishment, by those who claim to love it, by those who seek to lead it. Britain is broken because it has long since turned into a vehicle for personal ambitions and personal enrichment. It would be good if it could be fixed, because it’s not in Scotland’s interests to have a binfire basketcase as a next door neighbour, but we must concentrate on getting ourselves out of this calamity that has been inflicted upon us because as a nation we were too lacking in self-confidence to make our own way in the world. It’s time to reject the banging drums of sectarianism that will only beat louder in Brexit Britain. It’s time to make a moral stand. It’s time to say that we as a nation can be better than this. It’s time to find our voice, and to use it.

    An independent Scotland will not be a paradise. It will not lead to the immediate solution for all the ills that beset us. But at least we’d be responsible for our own mess, and have the tools at our disposal to clear it up, and the means to hold to account those who had caused it. It’s time to find some backbone and stand up and become the agents of our own destiny. Otherwise we’ll descend into irrelevance as an impoverished and ignored province of North Britain. We’re standing at a fork in history. Choose the right path. It’s a future as Brexit Britain’s Jockoland Theme Park, a tartan ribbon to allow English nationalists to pretend they’re not nationalist at all while Scotland is traduced, ignored, sidelined, and pauperised, or we can choose independence and self respect.

    The fork in the road

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